Project 1000 is an effort to increase membership in the MPHS. As the name suggests, our goal is to reach a membership of 1000 within the next year. Here's how membership revenues are used:

  • making our archives accessible remotely.  We have set aside $10,000 to digitize documents, maps, photographs, diagrams so members can easily obtain these off our web site in the near future.
  • allows us to offer unique models of Mopac prototypes that have never been offered in brass, plastic or resin.  Our 2015 HO project is an 1150 class caboose that will be a resin kit that was in service from 1939 to 1982.  We are also offering a short bay window caboose in HO and N scale with unique numbers available only through the MPHS store.
  • maintaining our web site
  • expand the company store by offering more MP/T&P models, laser kits, books, DVD's, caps, jackets at discounted prices to MPHS members.
  • we are also partnering with the State of Missouri to joining share our images so they reach a broader audience.
  • having a 1,000 members allows us to review and make plans for expanding our archives.
  • finally printing a high quality magazine four times a year and a all color calendar.

Here's how you can help reach our goal:

  • if you are not a MPHS member please think about joining today.
  • if you are a member and know someone interested in the MoPac, Texas & Pacific or C&EI; send our marketing manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) their name and address and we'll get them a brochure and membership card.
  • if you know of a railroad museum, hobby shop or train show that is in MoPac territory send the information to our marketing manager so we can get our membership brochures out to them for potential new members to view.
  • think about giving a membership to a former MoPac employee as a Christmas or birthday gift.