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Missouri Pacific Color Guide

Missouri Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment - Hardcover
By James Kincaid

The varied roster of the MoPac is examined in more than 300 vintage color photographs of passenger cars, revenue freight cars, trucks and MofW cars.

Business Cars, pp. 4-8;
Box Express, pg. 9;
Baggage Cars, pp. 10-15;
Food Service, pp. 16-19;
Diners, pg. 20;
Coach, pp. 21-26;
Dome Cars, pg. 27;
Observation Cars, pg. 28;
Sleeping Cars, pp. 29-33;
Box Cars, pp. 34-73;
Open Hoppers, pp. 74-79;
Gondolas, pp. 80-84;
Covered Hoppers, pp. 85-94;
Refrigerator Cars, pp. 95-98;
Flat Cars, pp. 99-106;
Stock Cars, pg. 107;
Intermodal, pp. 108-112;
Cabooses, pp. 113-120;
ART, pp. 121-124;
M-of-W, pp. 125-128.

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