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Trackside Around Kansas

Trackside Around Kansas 1960-1975 - Hardcover
By Lloyd E. Stagner

Lloyd Stagner's name is very familiar in the railroad literary world and his color photography and biographical data is shared with us in this book. Many of the photographs were taken in and around Hutchinson, Kansas where the author lived from 1952-1967. Lloyd moved to Newton, Kansas in 1967 and a number of photographs are from that vicinity. First and second-generation diesel action is captured by Lloyd on Santa Fe, Rock Island, Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific. There's also a little on CGW, KCS, CB&Q, SLSF and M-K-T.

Santa Fe, pp. 6-59, (a lot of red/silver plus early Geeps and ALCos);
Rock Island, pp. 60-85, (mostly the maroon/pin-stripe era but some bright red/yellow paint);
Burlington, pp. 86-89, (branch line action with red/gray and black/gray early diesels);
Chicago Great Western, pg. 90-91;
Kansas City Southern, pp. 91-92;
Missouri-Kansas-Texas, pp. 93-102, (F-units and Geeps in red and green/yellow);
Missouri Pacific, pp. 103-112;
St. Louis - San Francisco (Frisco), pp. 113-117;
Union Pacific, pp. 118-127.

Morning Sun Books, hard cover with jacket, 128 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .5 in., all color photographs with captions.

Trackside KS Rear

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