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Trackside Around St. Louis 1952-1959

Trackside Around St. Louis 1952-1959 with Jim Ozment  - Hardcover
By James Sandrin

Rivaling Chicago as the gateway to the West, St. Louis was an under-photographed hub of railroad activity in the 1950s. Native Jim Ozment took his camera trackside during the Eisenhower years and captured the last of steam and the polish of the new diesels that the many railroads of St. Louis stabled.


The Bridges of St. Louis, pp. 5-7;
Alton & Southern Railroad, pp. 8-9;
Baltimore & Ohio, pp. 10-13;
Chicago & Eastern Illinois, pp. 14-15;
Chicago & North Western, pp. 16-17;
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, pp. 18-25;
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis, pp. 26-33;
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, pp. 34-37;
Illinois Central Railroad, pp. 38-41;
Illinois Terminal Railroad, pp. 42-47;
Indiana Northern, pg. 48;
Louisville & Nashville, pg. 49;
Missouri-Kansas-Texas, pp. 50-51;
Missouri Pacific Railroad, pp. 52-71;
Nickel Plate Road, pp. 72-73;
Pennsylvania Railroad, pp. 74-77;
St. Louis Public Service Company, pp. 78-80;
St. Louis Water Works Railway pg. 81;
St. Louis-San Francisco, pp. 82-95;
St. Louis-Southwestern, pg. 96;
Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, pp. 97-107;
Wabash Railroad, pp. 108-123;
National Museum of Transport, pp. 124-127;
Into the Sunset, pg. 128.

Morning Sun Books, hard cover with jacket, 128 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .5 in., all color photographs with captions.

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