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Missouri Pacific Diesels Of The 1980s

Missouri Pacific Diesels Of The 1980s - eBook
By Mary Rae McPherson

Union Pacific announced its purchase of Missouri Pacific in 1980, but it wasn’t until late 1982 that the purchase became official. This e-book looks at the diesel power of Missouri Pacific as it was at the time of the merger and is 96 pages in length. Chapters cover most of the types of locomotives on the roster, and a period roster of MoPac power is included. The last chapter looks at the post merger era, but the vast majority of photos are pure Jenks Blue with the Screamin’ Eagle!

The book is organized by chapters on each type of locomotive, including EMD switchers, GP18, GP35 rebuilds, GP38, SD40, GP15, GP50, U30C, U23B, B23-7, and B30-7A. These are followed by a chapter of general MoPac scenes from the 80s and a chapter on the post-merger era with former MoPac locomotives in Union Pacific yellow. The last chapter is a roster of Missouri Pacific diesels at the time of the merger.

This ebook features 178 photos, and all photos are from Kodachrome color slides. The majority of photos were taken in Salem and Mount Vernon, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri.

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