Trackside Around Illinois 1960-1973 with George Strombeck

Trackside Around Illinois 1960-1973 with George Strombeck - Hardcover
By Greg Stout
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The multiple lines that crisscrossed Illinois are examined in full color by photographer George Strombeck during the last full decade of privately- run Passenger Service. A sampling of roads across the entire state give a comprehensive look at railroading 40 years ago.


Introduction, George Strombeck, pp. 3-5; Railroad Map of Illinois, pg. 6; Rock Island, pp. 7-30; Santa Fe, pp. 31-35; B&O/C&O, pp. 36-39; Chicago & Eastern Illinois, pp. 40-42; Chicago & North Western, pp. 43-54; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, pp. 55-62; Chicago Great Western, pp. 63-66; Monon Route, pp. 67-68; Milwaukee Road, pp. 69-78; Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee, pp. 79-80; Chicago, South Shore & South Bend, pp. 81-82; Chicago Transit Authority, pp. 83-87; Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, pp. 88-89; Erie Lackawanna, pp. 90-93; Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, pp. 94-97; Illinois Central, pp. 98-109; Louisville & Nashville, pp. 110-112; New York Central, pp. 113-119; Norfolk & Western (Wabash), pp. 120-124; Pennsylvania Railroad, pp. 125-127; Winter Winds, pg. 128.

Morning Sun Books, hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .5 in., all color photographs with captions.

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