Data CD - Illinois Coal Mine Maps

Illinois Coal Mine Maps & Circular # 275

Produced by the Missouri Pacific Historical Society

This CD contains PDF files of coal mine maps and Circular 275. See details below.

From the back cover:

A collection of 27 track diagrams for coal mines in Southern Illinois that were served jointly by Missouri Pacific and various other railroads.  Each diagram shows the track layout at the mines and the rail connections to each railroad mainline.   Also included on this CD is a 1964 Circular 275 List of Coal Mines Located On And Served By The Missouri Pacific Railroad, Missouri-Illinois, and Midland Valley.   Rounding out this collection is a 1957 MP Southern Illinois Coal Field map, a 1975 Map of Illinois Coal Mines, and a 1980 Addendum to the 1975 map with updated mine information.


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