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InterMountain ART Ice Reefer 1960 Yellow Paint Scheme - HO

ARM/MPHS Special Run - American Refrigerator Transit Ice Reefer, 1960 Paint Scheme

Now available, a new run of HO-Scale fully assembled models that accurately depict prototype ice-bunker reefers used by the American Refrigerator Transit Company in a paint scheme applied from 1960 to 1964 just arrived. In the early 1960s, ART dropped the full-color ART, MP and Wabash heralds from their reefer 1950s-era paint scheme and replaced them with simple black outlines.  It was a big change, and kind of destroyed a classic paint scheme, but that’s history.

This paint scheme was applied from around 1960 to 1964. Afterwards ART changed its paint scheme to reefer orange sides, roof and ends and black underframe and trucks with N&W replacing the Wabash herald. However, reefers in this paint scheme lasted well into the 1960s, with some even making it into the 1970s when ice reefers were taken out of service altogether. This car comes assembled.

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