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Moloco ART General American 50' RBL MODX Reporting Marks

Representative photo. See listing details for actual car number. Representative photo. See listing details for actual car number.

Moloco 13004 MODX delivery scheme, General American 50' RBL Sill 1/ 10'6" Offset Door/ Narrow Rods

Sold out.

In 1962 General American Corp. started to build their most popular insulated boxcar designs, a refinement of their proven 1950s design. One of the major developments for the car design and unique to General America was its all welded body construction, where only the roof was bolted on after insulation. These CADILLACs of the boxcar market were insulated, had 20-inch cushioned underframes, and a variety of load restraining devices per customer specifications.

Three different car numbers were initially available. We only have one left. See the available number in the menu below.


Newly tooled Overhanging Stanray roof
Perfect to prototype Stanray R3-4 welded ends, with GA style ladders and crossover platforms
Car sides welded, with GA style ladders, fitted with specific to prototype door stops, door gussets and sill design
Prototype correct handbrake specific to customer orders
General American cushioned frame and floor configurations depending on prototype with Moloco's cushioned draft gear coupler boxes
Appropriate cushioning devices, Hydra-Cushion or Keystone
Appropriate to prototype trucks
Rubber airhoses 

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