ExactRail TP Bethlehem 3737 Hopper June '74 Scheme

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Missouri Pacific ExactRail Bethlehem 3737 Hopper -  1974 "As Delivered" Scheme, TP Reporting Marks EP-81501

Missouri Pacific (TP) 1974 “As Delivered” paint scheme: This paint scheme features TP reporting marks with Missouri Pacific Lines buzzsaw herald. At this time, T&P and C&EI were still considered separate entities from the original MP and equipment purchased for each road carried the appropriate reporting marks. 

The Bethlehem 3737/3716 Hopper is an icon railcar of the last quarter century. With over 10,000 units produced, this is one of the most prolific, Western steel hoppers of last 40 years. The first Bethlehem 3737 delivery went to the Chicago & Eastern Illinois in 1973, and subsequent orders went to the Texas & Pacific, Missouri Pacific and Chicago & North Western. These are still in service as of 2014, and many have been rebuilt into 4000 capacity cars. 

ExactRail's Bethlehem 3737 is complete with exclusive features, including: 

• Unparalleled attention to letter accuracy and placement.
• ExactRail’s equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
• Machined metal wheel sets and axles
• Kadee ® #58 “scale” couplers
• Narrow-style draft box, featuring: key detail, shank wedges, striker castings and full nut and bolt detail
• Accurate Bethlehem 3737 details, including:
• Single door Wine locks
• 4’ 10.5” vertical brake lever
• Welded top chord gussets
• Sub center sill brake rod
• Etched metal slake adjustor guard
• Interior braces
• Interior wheel well panels
• Floor mounted air reservoir
• Wire coupler cut levers, grab irons, brake rods and lever hangers!
Separate load incuded - Flood or heap style, your choice


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HO Scale

Product Line:

Platinum Series

Product Type:

Bethlehem 3737 Hopper



Coupler Type:

Kadee #58

Truck Type:

ExactRail ASF 100 Ton Ride Control Trucks


CNC-Machined 36" wheels



$38.95 $37.00
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