Scale Trains, MP GATC 4566 cf Airslide Covered Hopper

Representative photo. See listing details for actual car number. Representative photo. See listing details for actual car number.

Scale Trains, Rivet Counter, Missouri Pacific GATC 4566 Cubic Foot Airslide Covered Hopper

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Built in 1982, MoPac’s 4,566 cubic foot Airslide hoppers were delivered in an overall blue-gray scheme with large “Screaming Eagle” herald.

Road Number Specific ScaleTrains

Officially licensed by GATX
GATX provided original blueprint copies
All-new model
Larger 4566cf Airslide variant – visually taller than the smaller 4180
Four (4) different road numbers (choose below)_
See-through photo-etched metal running boards and crossover platforms
Separately-applied “I” beam posts at bolsters
Finely-detailed underbody brake detail with short brake linkage per prototype
Separately-applied “Airslide” plumbing
Gravity outlets per prototype
Separately-applied shaker bracket details
Separately-applied metal corner and end grab irons
All-new Barber S-2 100-ton trucks with rotating bearing caps, separate brake beams, and side bearing detail
Handbrake housing with finely detailed wheel and chain
Durable die-cast metal semi-scale Type E knuckle couplers
36” machined metal wheels
Minimum radius: 18”
Recommended radius: 22”

All Rivet Counter Freight Cars Feature

Fully assembled
Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors
Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
Accurately profiled .110" wide wheel tread
Coupler cut levers
Trainline hoses
Intricate brake plumbing
Weighted to Industry standards
Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
Packaging safely stores model


The GATC 4566 Cubic Foot Airslide Covered Hopper is approximately 9 inches taller than its 4180 cubic foot counterpart, making it a “Plate C” car. In comparison, the 4180 fits within the “Plate B” clearance diagram. This makes the 4566 visually distinctive.

First built in 1978, the 4566 was used for hauling bulk commodities such as chemicals, flour, starch, sugar, etc. GATC built nearly 1,000 4566 Airslides for a variety of private and railroad customers before production ended in 1985. Today, many 4566s soldier on in their as-intended roles.

Airslide 1

Airslide 2

Airslide 3

Airslide 4

Airslide 6

Airslide 7

Airslide 8

Airslide 9MP 4566 AS



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