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Atlas Master 50' Berwick Boxcar - RBOX Early HO

Representative photo, car number may vary Representative photo, car number may vary

Atlas Master Line Berwick Forge & Fabricating 50' Boxcar RBOX Early Paint Scheme - Item # 20 013 0xx

In 1972, Berwick Forge & Fabricating, of Berwick, Pennsylvania began producing modern 50' sliding door box cars which featured their new corrugated non-terminating "sine-wave" ends. Initially sold to over 35 railroads across the nation, these box cars were an unfortunate casualty of the economic recession of the late 1970s and Berwick was forced to stop production in 1982. However, Berwick's 50' hauler found a place in railroad history through a strong second hand market that continues even today.

Missouri Pacific was one of the owners of the American Rail Box Company and RBOX cars were quite prevalent on the MP system. One or more of these cars would look great on your post 1974 era model railroad.

Full under body detail with brake rigging
Overhanging X-panel roof
Non-terminating sine wave ends
Separately applied wire grabs
Detailed end ladders and brake gear
Accurate painting and printing
Blackened metal wheels
AccuMate couplers

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Atlas Berwick Side

Atlas Berwick Under

Atlas Berwick B End





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