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InterMountain ART Ice Reefer 1949-1959 Paint Scheme -HO Featured

ARM/MPHS Special Run - American Refrigerator Transit Ice Reefer, "Classic" Three-Herald Paint Scheme

Now available directly from the MPHS at a discounted price!

The Amarillo Railroad Museum and the Missouri Pacific Historical are proud to offer a new, exclusive, limited-run of ART reefers sporting the 1949-1959 full-color, three herald paint scheme. This is the culmination of a three-year project we have had with InterMountain Railway Company. These models have not been offered for nearly 10 years. These cars represent the “Classic” ART paint scheme with the full-color ART, Missouri Pacific and Wabash heralds.

Excellent details such as the braces on the roof to support ice facility ramps are included along with Kadee #5 couplers.

There are only 50 cars of each road number, so if you want a full set, order quickly!

Details on the cars are as follows:

Six road numbers, 32011, 32023, 32046, 32228, 32279, and 32363
Build Date: 11-40
Repack location: G.F.J. 1-53 (D&RGW, Grand Junction, Colorado)

We are also offering the full-color, single herald “As-Delivered” ART paint scheme also with six new road numbers. Combining the earlier paint scheme cars with these classics reproduces an eye-catching consist! Please see our other listing for these cars - Click Here.

If you want to do a bit of decaling, and want to change build or repack dates, consider our Mask Island ART Decal set which will re-letter six cars. Available separately, Click Here to see the listing. Dab a touch of yellow paint on the existing data and overlay with the new decals. This is a great way to produce a distinctive ART fleet.

See the dropdown menu below to select from the available car numbers.

ART 32036 1

ART 32036 2

ART 32036 3

ART 32036 4

ART Rural

In an idyllic age, Missouri Pacific GP7 4169 has two new ART cars in tow. Destination? A trackside ramp in LaPrior, Texas to load cabbages and spinach, or a busy junction point such as Kansas City to deliver Colorado peaches and plums to a fruit-famished Midwest.

ART Industrial

From New York to Colorado on the three ART roads, and just about everywhere I-in between, ART cars could be seen being delivered or picked up at industries that handled fresh produce.

ART Grand Jct. CO

How do you weather an ART reefer? Seems the sky is the limit. In this photo of a very busy Grand Junction Colorado yard in 1955 you can find an array of yellows, yellow-orange, and varying shades of dirt and grime mixed in with what appears to be a freshly-painted string of three wooden reefers in the middle right part of the photo. Let your weathering skills blossom!

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