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Westerfield Models Kit Number 1951 - Missouri Pacific "Murphy" SS Box Car

Westerfield Golden Age Line - MP Box Car - Resin Kit.


Missouri Pacific, International-Great Northern. MP received 1,000 auto cars from 3 builders in 1924 and another 250 cars for its Internation-Great Northern subsidiary in 1926. Many lasted into the late 1950`s and a few into the `60`s. Our 1901 kit covers all of the details and lettering styles for the life of the cars. Beginning in the late 1930`s almost 700 were converted to box cars which also lasted into the late 1950`s. Our 1950 series kits model these cars. Finally, steel sheathing was applied to the cars in the late 1950`s and they ran into the 1970`s. We call these cars `Murphy` because they had Murphy radial roofs and reverse corrugation ends and our kits are the first ever to model these features.

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