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Chad Boas 70' Express Mail Car - Resin Kit

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Used by the MP in mail storage service from their build date in 1963 until the cancellation of railroad mail contracts in 1967. The original road numbers were 135-184 for a total of 50 cars. After the mail contracts were cancelled, these cars were used in freight service hauling lighter loads such as styrofoam and hay. During this time, they retained their Dark Eagle Blue paint scheme. A 1979 edition of the Official Railway Equipment Register shows 40 cars from the original series still on the roster. A note to the listing says for hay bales and cotton bales.

After revenue service ended, many were converted for MoW service. Some retained their original paint scheme, but others were repainted in the standard silver or freight car red MoW scheme.

This is a resin kit produced by Chad Boas. It has a separate floor, roof, ends and sides. The modeler will have to add detail parts including grab irons, air brakes, trucks, couplers, paint, and decals. A complete listing of needed parts are included in the instructions.

Click here for a PDF version of the written instructions.

Charlie Duckworth has posted his progress on building this car on the MoPac BB Forum which is hosted by the MPHS. You must be a registered user on the MPHS website - You cannot register from any of the BB pages. Registered users can find Charlie's post here: MoPac 70' Mail Storage Model

Correct trucks can be obtained from Walthers: WalthersProto GSC BX Express Car Trucks

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