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Athearn MP Airslide Covered Hopper - RTR

ARM/MPHS Special Run - MP 39' Airslide Covered Hopper

The Amarillo Railroad Museum and Missouri Pacific Historical Society have released a custom run of Athearn “Collectibles” Series Missouri Pacific Airslide covered hoppers.  These 100 cars, originally in the 100-199 series, were built in 1957-58 by General American Transportation Corporation (GATC) for the Missouri Pacific.  An identical group of 75 cars were built in 1962 in the 225-299 series.  In the mid-1960s the cars were renumbered into the 720000-720174 series.

The cars were used for dry bulk materials (such as cement, fertilizer, flour, pharmaceuticals, plastics, powdered or granular chemicals, sand, soda ash and sugar) that could make use of GATCs Airslide pneumatic unloading system.  A great article by Ed Hawkins on these cars appeared in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #17.

The model is a state-of-the-art reproduction of these cars by Athearn, which rivals or exceeds the quality of any plastic injection car on the market today!  The cars come with steel wheels, scale couplers, excellent details such as delicate see-through roofwalks and complete brake equipment. The cars come lettered for Missouri Pacific, but unnumbered.  A separate decals sheet, produced exclusively for these cars by Oddballs Decals, is provided with each car so modelers can apply whatever number they desire in the original or renumbered series.  Additional build and reweigh dates, in order to decorate the model to the proper time period, are included.  Applying the numbers is a very simple job requiring minimal decaling skills.  If the modeler wants to replace the build date or the reweigh date and location, no painting is necessary.  The paint on the car comes off easily with a light pass or two with a clean pencil eraser.  No scrubbing necessary!

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