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Lake Jct. Models 1950s Locomotive Radio Box

Unpainted casting only. Locomotive not included. Unpainted casting only. Locomotive not included. Charlie Duckworth
Locomotive Radio Box Casting - HO Scale
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MoPac diesel locomotives were first equipped with two-way radios in the 1950s. The radio was located in a special cabinet behind the cab on the Fireman's side. This feature was unique to MP locomotives and no other railroads had them. This resin casting was scaled off MP drawings. In later years, the radio equipment was replaced with newer and smaller designs that were placed in the short nose. Apparently, it was not worth the effort to remove the boxes when this was done. Most locomotives that received these retained them until they were retired.

Model Photo  Radio Box 2


Prototype Photos

 Loco Radio 1 Loco Radio 2  Loco Radio 3

Loco Radio 4  Loco Radio 5

Loco Radio 6  Loco Radio 7

Loco Radio 9  Loco Radio 10

Loco Radio 11

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