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Lake Jct. Models MP Depot Moark, AR

Missouri Pacific Replacement Depot; Moark, AR - Kit # 1013

This model represents a "modern" replacement depot on the Missouri Pacific. As traffic patterns changed and the older depots began to need extensive repairs, the Missouri Pacific along with many other railroads in the 1940's and 50's begain a program of replaceing existing buildings with smaller ones more suited to the then current business needs. An added benifit was the lowering of taxes paid on the property. Often times these building were build from material reclaimed for the one they were replacing or other depots near by. Shown the need araise, these small buildings could be moved from one location to another.

This building was divided into three rooms. A freight room, a waiting room and an office area. The fitting of shutters to the windows was unusual and may indicate that the station was only staffed part time. A grill work was placed in the wall between the waiting room and the office so that one stove could heat both.


  • HO Size 2-3/4" x 4-1/8 " (over the eaves)
  • Laser engraved drop siding
  • Two piece window sashes - upper and lower- which can be modeled in an open or closed position
  • All windows and trim have self-adhesive backing for ease of construction
  • All walls - both interior and exterior - feature tabbed construction
  • Diamond shingles with self-adhesive backing
  • Station signs and a bulletin board are included

Moark rear


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