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Blair Line - Pile & Frame Trestle

Laser-cut Pile & Frame Trestle Kit  # 171

Pile and frame trestle includes piers with square posts that sit on a horizontal bottom support (sill) and is the original model railroad bridge kit with laser-cut parts. This type of bridge was commonly used in areas where the soil was too rocky or unsuitable for pile driven round piers. This bridge is easier to build than our other bridge.

The first trestle kit to include laser-cut piers, laser-cut bulkheads, and Micro Engineering's Bridge Flex Trak. All the other manufacturers making laser cut bridges have copied this kit, so it must be a good one! Beware, none of the other manufacturer's kits include bridge track. This is the easiest wood trestle kit you will ever build!

May be built straight or curved.

Full scale drawings are also included to use as construction templates.

Includes Micro Engineering's Bridge Flex Trak. Code 83 in HO scale.

Pile and frame type trestle found on nearly every railroad in North America.

HO scale bridge: 6" long, 2" tall.


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