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Blair Line - Billboard, Pylon Style

Laser-cut Billboard PYLON Style (1960's-present) Kit # 2434

This kit is from a line of high quality, historically accurate reproductions of period billboard frames. Each kit includes one laser-cut billboard frame and supports, a selection of four era appropriate signs and lampshades. Easy enough for a novice to build, assembly time per kit runs less than one hour (not including painting).

This great looking Pylon Billboard is the most requested billboard kit we have ever offered. Our kit is based on the most common billboard style of today, especially in urban areas and along interstate highways. Kit may be built with center-mount or end-mount pylon as shown above. Includes one laser-cut billboard frame, four era appropriate signs and ladder. HO kit includes injection molded open-grate catwalk and handrails. Use this billboard anywhere because it looks great from the back too!

Pylon Billboard       Pylon Billboard Rear

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