Newell Derryberry
What was your first job on the Texas & Pacific and what were the daily duties?

Operating a passenger elevator in the 12 story T&P building FtWorth. 8 of the stories were occupied by the Flying Training command. Guards posted on 4th floor requiring identity all elevator occupants.  Some most notable were hank Greenberg. Bill Holden and wife, Burgess Meridith.   Cochran commander of ladies WASP training at Sweetwater TX.  This was in 1942

What was the most interesting job on the railroad you had? Train dispatching

What were your duties, what were the most interesting or challenging areas? Providing good service to our customer at lowest possible cost

What was best part of working of the Mopac or T&P? Variation of duties
What did the railroad focus on as your daily responsibilities?  Maintain god depepdable service.

How did the MP differ from other railroads.  Closer hands on control.

What changes did you see in your career that you felt were significant.  Converting to diesel power and. Computers advent

Any stories you can tell now you couldn't when you were working?   How did working for the railroad affect your personal or family life. Too many to even start.

What will be regarded as accomplishments you made in your Mopac career. Loyalty to my employer

What was Mopac's relationship like with the unions?  Other railroads, customers.  Very good but firm.

What was it like working for the Mopac during the UP merger? UP great and only gradually intergrated.