Tony Fey

What was your first job on the Mopac and what were the daily duties?
Hired 12/27/72 Wichita,KS  

What was the most interesting job on the railroad you had?

Durand TSE

What were your duties, what were the most interesting or challenging areas?

Learning the TCS 4.1 Procedures and work order procedures

What was best part of working of the Mopac?
I tried getting hired on the Santa Fe at my hometown of Newton, KS, but I failed the eye exam. Looking back, I am glad it turned out how it did .

What did the railroad focus on as your daily responsibilities?
Doing setting out and picking up of cars and train inspection.

How did the MP differ from other railroads.
I worked for the Santa Fe during the summers of 69-71 in the Store Department. It seemed like the Santa Fe had a more layed back relaxed working environment. The Mopac seemed to have a formal  working environment.

What changes did you see in your career that you felt were significant.
Going  from four men to two men on a crew.

Any stories you can tell now you couldn't when you were working?   How did working for the railroad affect your personal or family life.

Way to many stories to tell . Since I never got married ; it was never an issue.

What will be regarded as accomplishments you made in your Mopac career.
J.C.Love Jr. and hired me and me promise him I wouldn't get hurt if he let me mark up. I kept that promise and worked 40 years without a reportable injury.

What was Mopac's relationship like with the unions?  Other railroads, customers.
I managed to get along with just about every manager I worked for .

What was it like working for the Mopac during the UP merger?
Constant change after the UP took over . The Mopac years was relatively stable operations wise and rules changes were minimal.  The UP years were years  were  ones constant change, some good;some not.