As a general rule Mopac's cabooses were painted in the same freight car brown as used on their boxcars. The end platforms, underframe, hand grabs and steps were painted black.  White stenciling paste was used for the buzz saws, 9" reporting marks and 7" high numbers on the sides of the carbody.  End numbers were 3" high (validate).  St.L.B.&M, I-GN, N.O.T.&M received these colors whereas the New Orleans and Lower Coast cabooses were painted Colonial yellow with brown trim (Mopac's right of way building s colors) with at least one standard MP wood caboose being painted in Eagle blue and gray to match an Alco diesel switcher painted in the same colors.

Caboose700seriesand 946series Above photo shows a horizonal sheathed caboose with a 30" buzz saw and a standard wood MP caboose with a 48" buzz saw.  Both cabooses are equiped with radios as denoted by the 'R' applied after the number.  

STLBM700series Standard MP wood caboose lettered for the St. L B & M Texas Lines subsidary.  

Caboosewhitehandrails 1160 taken in the early 1960's with a boxcar brown carbody, black steps but with white hand grabs and white edges on the steps.  Note the ACI label.