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HO scale model assembled by Charlie Duckworth HO scale model assembled by Charlie Duckworth

Missouri Pacific Salina, KS Passenger Depot - 3D Printed Kit

This historic depot is being offered as a 3D printed kit created by MPHS member Jimmie Pottberg through his company, JP 3D. This quality kit has a minimum number of parts that fit extremely well and are easy to assemble. We are offering two versions. One has the Salina station name inscribed in the stone work and the other is a generic version with no name. This will allow modelers to incorporate this structure on any layout. The prototype structure measurements are 33′ tall, 74′ long, and 35′ wide. N scale kit dimensions: 2.5″ tall, 5.5″ long, and 2 5/8″ wide.

When ordering please specify if you are requesting a Salina kit or a generic no-name kit.

Salina Layout      Salina Drawing


HO scale model assembled by Charlie Duckworth:

Salina 2 Web

 Salina 3 Web

Salina 4 Web




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